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Showing posts from May 20, 2012

Arthur's Summit

Climbed to the top of Arther's Rock in Lory State Park in Colorado this morning. The climb up was intermittent fog/cloud cover that became solid once I reached the top. It made for some great flat light shots and then after an hour or so the clouds broke up.

Solar Eclipse

Eclipse near zenith, just about to be obscured by clouds from below.
Solar eclipse sunset. This was taken just after the eclipse moved behind the clouds.

Hewlett Wildfire, Colorado

Hewlett fire burning near Ft. Collins, Colorado.
 Hot spots burning in the Poudre Canyon.

Trip to Dream Lake, RMNP

Dream Lake.
Last weekend my sister, brother-in-law, wife and myself hiked up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. We got snowed on, rained on, and had brief periods of blue sky. What a great day.
Incoming Snow.
Snow/Rain mix has settled in for good.