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Showing posts from September 8, 2013

Flood Damage / Railroad Tracks

Flood damage to the railroad tracks south of Loveland, CO. This is the Burlington Northern line and it was washed out by the Big Thompson River. A few hours after these photos were taken the water rose even further and this section of track is now gone as well.

Another view from the trail to Iceberg Lake.

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine seed pod.

Hidden Meadow

Hidden meadow full of wildflowers near Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Lake Kintla

Lake Kintla is located in the North West corner of Glacier National Park in Montana. You have to go 20 miles along a dirt road to get there, but it is well worth the drive.


Elderberries along the trail to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National park, Montana.