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Trail Ridge Road in March

Trail Ridge Road at timberline in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Started my hike from Many Curves, this is where the road is closed during the winter, and then climbed to the area above Rainbow Curve. This ended up being 8+ miles round trip with about six of it in snowshoes. The conditions on the road ranged from bare, windswept asphault to 10+ feet deep drifting where the old Hidden Valley Ski area crossed the road. Most of the road had 2-3 feet of snow on it.

There were a lot of tracks starting out from Many Curves, but most of these turned back after the first mile. Several snowsoe tracks and some ski tracks continued as far as Hidden Valley, and then only 3 snow shoe tracks continued on. These were old and barely visible. By the time I got to Many Curves I could find no other tracks.


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