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Showing posts from June 15, 2014


I was fortunate to have great cloud formations two of the days on the ranch in Wayne, Oklahoma.

Evening Light

Last of the long, evening light on a group of Longhorn Cattle.

After staying at this ranch for five days I discovered two things. The first is that after shooting around 500 frames you begin to run out of unique angles to shoot a Longhorn from. This is not a complaint, just an observation. The second is the fact that where you have cattle you have ticks. So many ticks... It took me several days after I left the ranch to finally have that phantom crawling sensation go away.

Relaxing in the Sun

Longhorn cow doing what Longhorn cows do.  Eating grass.


Longhorn study of the brand. I liked how the tail being flicked ended up framing the brand.

Cow and Calf

Longhorns in the pasture. It was calving time on the ranch and there were both new calves and some very pregnant cows still walking around.