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Female Greater Short Horned Lizard

Working with Horned Lizards

Baby Greater Short Horned Lizard. This one is 2-3 weeks old.
Fully grown female. Adults were identified by sex and checked to see if they had been previously captured and marked.

Greater Short Horned Lizard

This female horned Lizard was spotted about 90 miles NW of Laramie, WY. In this area the Short Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma hernandesi) had a diet consisting of Thresher Ants, small beetles, and flies. They had given birth to live babies within the past 2-3 weeks, and photos of those will be coming soon.
Special thanks to Reilly Dibner who was researching these amazing lizards and was kind enough to take me along on one of her research stops.

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Juvenile Sharp Shinned Hawk eating a fledgling robin. Ft. Collins, Colorado.